Tuesday 4 November 2008

Media companies taking the role of agencies? I don't think so.

I've just come across an article in Ad Age Digital, stating that in bypassing the traditional business model of the media and advertising agencies by developing creative concepts directly with the media companies, they are in fact putting the agencies out of business.

An interesting idea it is, and as marketers in businesses across the globe get smarter I'm sure they will get better ideas for how to target their audiences and spend their marketing dollars more wisely. The trouble is, however, that the time you need to set aside just to keep track of all the different media companies and how you can integrate your service with them will take no less time for a marketing department than what it does for an agency.

The media trend over the last few years is not that targeting your audience has become any easier, on the contrary the fragmentation we've seen of late is only the beginning of something bigger.

I fear not the creative CMOs who will talk directly to the media companies. I rather think that media agencies and digital creative agencies will team up with the media to offer a fully integrated creative product to their clients. I do fear, however, that those agencies who are not able to offer a creative product that is integrated into the media, acting as an added informational or entertaining value, will have an uphill battle in the times ahead.

This is not to say that it will not happen to some degree, but on a broader scale it really is no threat to those offering truly creative integrated services.

More comments on the AdAge article over at LinkedIn:

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