Monday 5 May 2008

Mobile TV - long awaited, but yet to prove successfull

The idea of being able to watch TV while not at home has been a very attractive idea for a very long time, and numerous products have been made to enable just that. Of later years, the holy grail has been to let you use your mobile to watch TV. Currently there are some handsets and services available enabling this through 3G downloads or streaming services whithout gathering great momentum among the bigger audiences.

While the mobile operators are very keen to let us pay for streaming through their data plans, the more interesting development of lately is to implement digital TV tuners in mobile handsets. In Europe, the DVB-H standard is the recommended choice, while in the US AT&T and Verizon have opted for MediaFlo by Qualcomm. Essentially, this lets you see normal TV broadcast on your cellphone.

New York Times recently reported on this in an interesting article. Also, check out Nokias forum for mobile TV and Reiter's Mobile TV Report with lots of interesting info.

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